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Let me tell you-the legal world is in a daunting universe. To me, the paperwork looks all the same. One word can change the entire intent of a document, then filing the *hopefully* correct paperwork with the right department, understanding some of the legal jargon, etc. etc. etc. Well, I'm extremely happy with the services & professionalism Mr. Hollingsworth was able to provide when I needed help addressing some estate concerns. He's knowledgeable,  explained what I should expect in terms of the legal system, took care of the various documents required to get the ball rolling in the right direction, and answered the endless questions I had fired off. Each time I came into the office to go over paperwork, he was very respectful and understanding when I'd (admitting) become a little weepy because I was a bit of an emotional mess. Long story short;  I'd absolutely recommend Mr. Hollingsworths firm to anyone who is in need of legal services.

– Erica V. - Albuquerque, NM

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